Payments Behind?

Payments Behind?

Lets face it; sometimes BAD THINGS happen to GOOD PEOPLE!  It is not your fault. Jobs End. People get divorced. Transfers Happen.

Many unexpected things can happen, such as job loss, divorce or health problems and things like that cause you to miss making your monthly house payments. Sometimes you find yourself struggling to make your house payment while all your other bills continue to pile up. Once this happens, it becomes very difficult to catch up those payments when you find yourself two or three payments behind and the fourth is due next week. Finally a point comes when there is no catching up.

Foreclosure Killers can help in situations like this. We can provide you with workable, respectable solutions to your financial dilemma. We are able to work with you and your lending institution to help you avoid a possible foreclosure situation. We may be able to take the burden of trying to catch up payments off your back, so you can attempt a fresh start in another home you are better able to afford.

We cannot fix already damaged credit, but we can certainly try and stop the situation from worsening.  A few bad debts in one thing, but do you really want a bankruptcy or even worse, a foreclosure on your credit record?

We have a proven track record of stopping central Arkansas foreclosures and helping people in Sherwood, Jacksonville, North Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Maumelle, and Alexander avoid claiming bankruptcy.


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